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Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai non–profit organization dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population through a multifaceted approach involving rescue and rehabilitation programs, educational ecotourism, local community outreach, and environmental conservation programs. The foundation exists thanks to the passion of Saengduean ‘Lek’ Chailert and her tireless efforts to champion the rights of elephants in Asia, along with all animals in need.


Rescue elephants in need and provide them with a new life where they are well cared for and respected.
Provide rehabilitation programs to help rescued elephants heal their physical and psychological injuries.
Provide a sanctuary for elephants where they can rediscover their nature and join a herd.
Provide assistance to elephants and their carers during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Establish an international volunteer community that helps to raise awareness of the challenges facing the Asian elephant.
Develop outreach and education programs for elephant owners to help improve the conditions and treatment of captive elephants.
Develop relationships with the global conservation community to facilitate cross-cultural networking.
Provide a caring home for other animals in need including dogs, cats, horses, goats, buffalo, pigs and more.
Promote the protection of wild elephants and the restoration of their natural habitats.

Founder of Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant
Nature Park

Saengduean Chailert, also known as Lek, was born in Thailand in 1961. In return for saving the life of a young man, her grandfather, a shaman or traditional healer, was given an elephant named Thong Kham, meaning Golden One. The bond that developed between Lek and Thong Kham sparked a love and respect for elephants that was to shape the course of her life .

After graduating from Chiang Mai Rajabhat University with an Arts degree, Lek worked in the tourism industry where she witnessed the mistreatment and suffering of many elephants and began to provide medical aid to elephants in remote villages. In the 1990’s, Lek started rescuing injured, neglected, and elderly elephants, and in 2003 was able to establish a permanent homeland for them in the beautiful Mae Taeng valley, near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Today, Elephant Nature Park is home to over 100 elephants who are finally able to live free from abuse within family herds and develop close friendships with one another. Elephants at the park are not required to work, do not perform tricks, and are not ridden. Instead, they are allowed to live a more natural, dignified life where they are respected.

Adopting Pyi Mai

The owner of the riding camp eventually agreed for us to rescue Kham Moon & Pyi Mai, on the understanding that we could provide a better life for them at the sanctuary. Since arriving at the park, Dmax has happily taken on the role of Pyi Mai’s nanny. Dmax, Kham Moon, and Pyi Mai are inseparable with mother and nanny sharing the responsibilities of caring for the sweet baby, Pyi Mai.  

We are so happy to be able to rescue Pyi Mai at such a young age knowing that she will be able to thrive in her new sanctuary home with her small and loving herd.  Baby Wan Mai & Pyi Mai’s families are spending more time with each other every day – always closely supervised by super nanny Sri Nuan. We hope that eventually they will roam the park together as one herd.

Baby Pyi Mai

Pyi Mai (New Year) was rescued along with her mother, Kham Moon, from an elephant show and riding camp. Pyi Mai and her mother were found living in in terrible conditions. Kham Moon was on an extremely short chain in a tiny concrete pen without adequate space to care for her newborn baby or access to sufficient food and water.  

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